Elevate your hydration experience.

Revitalize your water with glassware designed according to the Golden Ratio featuring sacred geometry and crystals. Stay hydrated, enhance your life force energy and help your body function optimally!

Carafes - Nature's Design Canada


Elegant and captivating Fibonacci-inspired design

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Drinking Glasses - Nature's Design Canada

Drinking Glasses

Enjoy the Flower of Life in every glass of water you drink

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Burners and Incense - Nature's Design Canada

Burners and Incense

Use either oil or pot-pourri in our luminous burners

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Five Star Reviews Only!

  • The only water bottle I use

    As an energy worker and empath, I’m highly sensitive to energy and have struggled most of my life with grounding issues. Since using this bottle for my water, I feel more alert, clear-headed and energized. The Zirbe and Lagoena are the only water bottles I now use. The Nature's Design products have truly made a difference in my life and are the only glassware I want to use now! - CP

  • Nature's Design products have changed my life

    I love drinking tea, especially herbals. Who knew that a mug could bring out the various flavours of herbs?! I used to love drinking my tea out of cute little mugs that I collected… Now I only use my Shinno mugs. The tea tastes so crisp and fresh. Truly. There’s no way to explain it; it has to be experienced. The various Nature’s Design products I’ve purchased have changed my life. - CP

  • Adorable

    This is adorable and beautiful. My kids love it. My three year old calls it his own magic water jug. He can pour his own water with it which I find important for building independence. I have a family carafe and this for my kids and for other beverages (ie juice) I wish to charge. I highly recommend. These beautiful vessels are sacred and elevate your water to an entirely new level. It tastes more delicious, smooth. It makes the water feel sacred and I feel it helps me and my children to embody that sacred energy. Thank you for the beautiful products. - CM

100% Eco Friendly

We carry a range of water bottles designed with the environment in mind. The Lagoena and Zirbe Bottles are made of glass, cork and rubber with either wood or bioplastic caps. They are fully recyclable and compostable and feel great to use.

Discover the Benefits

Halite rock salt contains sodium and trace elements such as magnesium which support bodily functions including contracting and relaxing muscles, preventing dehydration, and preventing low blood pressure. The Cadus Salt Pitcher comes with pure halite rock salt - just add water to have salt brine on hand.

The Cadus Salt Pitcher is designed according to the Golden Ratio. It features the Flower of Life in White on the base. It comes with an olive wood lid and ladle as well as large halite salt crystals. Salt will last approximately one year with regular use.

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Water: the source of life While every snowflake is unique, they all share a common trait: they are hexagonal or six-sided. This naturally occurring six-sided structure is what is referred to as structured or revitalized water.

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