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Water: the source of life

Think of a snowflake. While every snowflake is unique, they all share a common trait: they are hexagonal or six-sided. Even in the liquid state, individual water molecules cluster together in groups of six. When they freeze, it forms a six-sided snowflake. This naturally occurring six-sided structure is what is referred to as revitalized water.

We Are Water

Every human body more than half water. The exact percentages vary between women and men, at different ages and in different body parts. Around 90% of your blood, 83% of your lungs and 73% of your brain and heart are water! Babies are more than 75% water. On average, adults are around 60% water and our bodies are less water overall as we age. 

Regardless of life stage or gender, every cell in your body requires water to carry out its essential functions, such as taking nutrients in and expelling toxins. In the body, water is the carrier of nutrients and waste products of cellular respiration. 

How Water Loses its Vitality 

When water is taken out of the natural environment for human uses it is processed and loses its naturally occurring structure. What aspects of our water technology do this? Pretty much everything from forcing water through straight pipes and filters, placing water under pressure, adding chemicals to shift the mineral composition of the water, using softeners and reverse osmosis and then storing water in stagnate containers such as plastic or metal - virtually every aspect of our modern water processing technology causes water to lose its natural structure. 

Of course no one is advocating for less water processing. We all need water which is safe, clean and convenient to access. But we also want water which is in it natural state, because that is what our bodies need. 

This presents a real dilemma. We all want water which is the best and healthiest for our bodies. But not everyone has the advantage of living close by a clean natural spring. So whether you get your water from your own well, from a municipal water system or from the store, that water has been processed. 

The Finishing Touch

Some people may not think about water quality, simply taking for granted the suitability of the water coming from the tap or bottle. If you're proactive about good health, you will want to ensure your water is filtered and free from pathogens, sediments and chemicals, has the correct minerals and optimal pH balance for your intended use. Ensuring the water you consume is also revitalized, effectively returned to nature through Golden Ratio designed glassware, can be considered a finishing touch. 

So What's the Proof? Lab Results

In order to document visually how the products alter water's vitality, before-and-after photos are taken of water crystals from all Nature's Design products. Test results come from the E.F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland. All water samples are photographed using the procedure developed by Emoto. Every sample taken from the products show alterations the frozen water crystals with water samples coming from tap having a distorted form. 

In contrast, the crystals of water samples coming from the glassware exhibiting a very fine, symmetrical crystalline structure. These changes in the water, created by the components of Golden Ratio design, the Flower of Life and carefully selected materials, give the water a fresh, agreeable and natural flavour, as close to nature as you can get. 

In one of his many experiments, Emoto found that different water sources produced different ice structures. For example, he found that water from a mountain stream when frozen produced beautifully shaped geometric designs; and that water from polluted sources created distorted, random ice structures. He also conducted experiments imparting positive and negative emotions on water, producing structured and unstructured frozen crystals as a result. 

Sadly, if you search online for Masuru Emoto, you will find not only his books and videos and but also some claims deriding his work as pseudo science. While it's true that his work has never been published in a peer reviewed journal, the basic comparative approach to photographing water crystals under different conditions is an experimental method that is documented and repeatable, producing consistent results. Prototypes of all Nature's Design glassware are rigorously tested according to this method, before being put into production. Beyond this testing, there is also an element of spirituality, associated with the desire to be in harmony with nature, that can't be quantified according to traditional scientific methods. 

Our Experience: Social Proof

Nature's Design Canada formerly operated as Fractal Effects. From 2017 through 2019 we set up booths at dozens of trade shows, offering a water taste test to thousands of people. The taste test involved serving distilled water from the plastic jug in which it came, followed by a sample of the same distilled water held in the Universe 10 L carafe.  

From our own experience demonstrating the glassware we can say definitively that thousands of people - unprompted by us - described a difference in the feel of the water from the carafe. The texture of the water was most often described as smoother and softer. Some people went on to say they could feel the water expanding into their mouths. While this taste test was not a strict controlled experiment, people's surprised reactions spoke volumes! 

While peer reviewed studies have not been done to demonstrate health benefits in humans from revitalized water, what is true is that the simple habit of drinking water is good for you. Water is the original source of life. The cleaner and closer to nature, the better. The artful Golden Ratio design and Flower of Life symbol will capture your attention, serving as a daily reminder to drink water. 

With contributions from the Nature's Design product catalogue and "The Untold Story of Water" by Halsey W. Snow.