We are passionate about good design and staying hydrated.

In 2015, we hosted Airbnb guests in our home. One couple staying with us was moving to Canada and brought along their Mythos Flower of Life glasses. Ryan loved the glasses but found they were not sold in Canada. 

So we tracked down Nature's Design founder Alois Britschgi. Alois was looking for a Canadian distributor. In 2017, we travelled to Switzerland to meet him and learn all about the company and its products. 

Originally launched as Fractal Effects in 2017, we formerly sold crystals, storage boxes and journals, in addition to glassware. We did dozens of trade shows and did water taste tests with thousands of people. The vast majority described the water from Nature's Design glassware as smoother or softer. In 2022, we re-focused our efforts exclusively on the glassware and home fragrance and have rebranded as Nature's Design Canada.

Jessica and Ryan at the Bancroft Gemboree 2019

We use these products every day in our home.

We are passionate about good design and staying hydrated. We love the appearance and feel of the glassware. We are proud to bring these high quality, beautifully designed items to you!  

In gratitude,