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Use the Mythos Chakra glasses every day to hydrate and meditate. Available for each of the seven chakra colours, the glasses feature colours, symbols and words that support meditation. Golden Ratio inspired design revitalizes water.  


  • 250 ml / 8.5 fl .oz capacity
  • Swiss design
  • Shape inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio
  • High quality lead-free glass
  • Machine made; durable and suitable for everyday use
  • Choose from the seven chakras:
    • Red - health
    • Orange - harmony
    • Yellow - courage
    • Green - love
    • Blue - creativity
    • Indigo - intuition
    • Purple - wisdom

Select your preferred colour from the drop-down menu below and click Add to Cart to purchase an individual glass.

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    Glassware Care

    • Hand wash with soap and warm water

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