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Use this natural pot potpourri style incense in the Lucerna or Odoris Oil and Incense Tea Light Burner to relax and unwind.

All Nature's Design incense are: 

  • Made from 100 % natural ingredients
  • Minimally processed, similar to a fine potpourri in consistency   
  • Free of chemicals and synthetics

The following scents are found in the set of six: 

  • Balance - Styrax resin, copal, liquid amber, rose petals, lavender and rosemary. 
  • Mystic - Palo Santo, copal, lemongrass and liquorice root.
  • Oriental Dream  - Apple, cinnamon, frankincense, orange peel and ginger.
  • Relax - Cedar, lavender. sandalwood, lemon peel, frankincense, juniper berries and ginger. 
  • Summer Breeze - Lemon peel, eucalyptus, sunflower leaves, lemongrass, lavender and copal.
  • WellnessStyrax resin, cinnamon, rose petals and cedar wood.

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