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The segments of the Calix wine glass, inspired by the Golden Ratio, create a larger surface area than typical wine glasses. This naturally aerates the wine, revealing its true nature. Enjoy the full flavour of your favourite wine with dinner or on the weekend. For fun, do a taste test with friends and family by pouring the same wine into a Calix wine glass and a regular wine glass and asking them to taste the difference! 


  • Capacity of 400 ml / 14 fl .oz.
  • Swiss design
  • Proportions inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio
  • High quality lead-free glass
  • Hand crafted using traditional glass-blowing techniques
  • Engraved Flower of Life on base
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  • Fine clear glass allows reveals the colour of the wine 
  • Bowl shape allows the "legs" of the wine to fully develop 
  • Gentle taper at the top allows the aroma to be appreciated
  • Segments create a larger surface area, allowing any wine to open 
  • Overall form improves the tasting experience, revealing the true nature of any wine 

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