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The 5 litre Beauty Carafe makes a stunning focal point in any room, it's Golden Ratio inspired design revitalizes water. The Flower of Life in platinum promotes confidence and self-love. The Swiss Stone Pine lid gently infuses and enriches the water with the fresh aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine tree. The aroma is most evident when the water is at room temperature and has been allowed to sit for more than 30 minutes.

For families, the Beautiful Carafe will make ready-to-drink revitalized water easily accessible in your kitchen. The Beauty can also be used in office settings such as in healing practitioners clinics. This large carafe supports the healthy habit of staying hydrated. Add crystals, ash wood base, aroma tube and brush to your order to complete the set. 



  • 5 litre capacity
  • " high, xx" dimension
  • Swiss design
  • Shape inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio
  • High quality lead-free glass
  • Hand crafted using traditional glass blowing techniques
  • Patented water tap
  • Includes a glass tube for displaying crystals 
  • Flower of Life in Platinum
  • Swiss Stone Pine lid  

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    Glassware Care

    • Hand wash with soap and warm water; rinse thoroughly
    • Use the cleaning brush to get the hard to reach places on the inside of the carafe
    • Wipe the lid with a damp cloth

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